“For the last six years I have been suffering from arthritis. My joints were very painful and my muscles used to go into spasm. From the beginning of my treatment there has been a vast improvement in my mobility. This is the first time that the relief has lasted.”
Elish (age 68)

“When I first came to Nicola I was suffering with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. With on-going pain in my limbs, insomnia and frequent headaches, my life had virtually come to a complete standstill. Cranio is so gentle with hands calmly resting on your feet, underneath your sacrum or simply cradling you head, you feel safe and supported. And although gentle, the treatment is in fact profoundly deep. A space was created for me in which I could completely let go, as and when my body was ready to. I have recently had my 9th session with Nicola over the course of 6 months and I am very happy to say that I am well on the road of recovery!”
Beth (age 38)

“I have seen Nicola-Fee for several sessions, my health problem of four years being a painful hip. During these four years I have sought help from various therapies with little improvement. In one of the sessions Nicola-Fee gave me complete relief from the pain, which I had not experienced before. In summary she brings sensitivity, compassion, knowledge, perception, stability, confidence and humility to this work and it works!”
Hilary (age 50)

“I tend to concentrate tension in my neck and shoulders and, after my partner’s parents and close friend passed away over a 12 month period, this tension became acute and exhausting. Having found that head massages gave only short-term respite, the holistic approach of biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy appealed. I found Nicola to be a very intuitive practitioner who worked sensitively and to great effect. Over several sessions, I experienced subtle but tangible shifts of energy and tension in my body. The therapy has restored my equilibrium and vitality – I feel my young self! I have no hesitation in recommending Nicola to others.”
Sarah (age 42)